The above is who my doctor acts like. I went in today for my appointment and was debating on a fill. I think I needed one, but at the same time really didn't want one. I will get to that in a minute. Dr. Woodman, has absolutely no bedside manner whatsoever. Not that I can't take anything this man can dish out, but he just trips me out really. Today my scale still read 237#. I was hoping to see Dory, his nurse but no cigar. I knew his scale would read differently. As in more than what mine says, differently. And boy did it ever. His scale read 241. That means I am 4 lbs down from the last visit in which I weighed 245 lbs. I told him what my scale says and not to disagree with his scale, but to say that I have some adjustments to make, he told me "it doesn't matter what your scale says, mine is the only one that matters." Wow, really? The doctor then tells me that none the scales out on the market are reliable for people over 200 lbs and I'm wasting my time and money. He then asks me what I have been doing in the last month and I told him truthfully that my exercising has been off because I had the flu and I have been eating more than a saucer full of food on occasion. You would think that he would say something like "well since you know what you are doing wrong then I'm sure you know how to fix it." Hey I could take that, but he tells me...."well I think you need to schedule a surgery to have the lap band removed because obviously you don't want to comply with the rules to lose the weight." He goes on to tell me that I still have 100 lbs to lose and whatnot and I just sit there and zone out. I tell him I don't think I want a fill and he tells me that if someone doesn't follow the rules that a fill won't help them. I again tell him I don't think I want one and he says well I think a little adjustment might help. Contradictory much....I hear him, but not really. I didn't fall into his negative trap though because all of a sudden he pays me a back end compliment and tells me, I have had some success in that I have lost 36 lbs (according to his scales - 41 lbs according to my own). He then gives me a fill and gives me a thumbs up after giving me a cup of water. On another note I knew he as an

when I signed up with him. So it's all relative. And for the record my goal weight is 160 lbs so I only have 77 lbs to lose or 81 by his scale.

I owned up to the fact that I have been off with my food intake. Fat grams (because he doesn't believe in counting calories) I believe I am good on, so I feel I need to kick up my exercise regimen and increase the water. Yesterday my nephew celebrated his 8th birthday and I went over to my sister's house with some of my other fam and had cake and a little Hawaiian Punch. I would normally not have had any, but my nephew really wanted me to have cake. He doesn't understand about dieting and losing weight so you know I couldn't explain the lap band to him. He kept saying "auntie are you gonna eat some cake with us?" How could I say no. This is the nephew that has Cerebral Palsy and uses a walker. My sister tells me all the time how he asks for me. So I couldn't let him down. Here are a couple of pics of him. He is such a sweetheart.

I'm a little bit afraid of Thanksgiving, but hey it is a holiday. That's the reason I didn't want a fill because truthfully I want to enjoy the meal. I know it's wrong, but shoot, it's Thanksgiving after all. Dr. Woodman gave me a fill and I think it was .5 ccs because he doesn't tell his patients how much he fills. I did ask Dory because I saw her afterward. I am doing a bladder study for her and getting paid $250 to do it, so she looked in the computer for me and said he hadn't put it in there yet. Doesn't matter right now because I will find out later. I did get paid $50 for the 1st study visit today and I have 4 more visits in which I will get paid $50 more each time.

I won't see the doctor again until Jan. 6th and I plan to be at least 10 lbs down. When I saw Dory I asked again about the 1-2 lbs a week and she said that's standard and good pace to lose weight. I won't go into the spill Dr. Woodman gave me about successful lap banders and how much they lose. Sometimes I wonder if this guy has all his screws tightened.

Anyway, Happy Monday!!!

frickanfrackanfrickfrackan!!!!!! Can someone help me find an old post????

I need a bit of help y'all!! PLEASE!!

I'm looking for a post someone made a little while ago. In the post there was a picture of their desk drawer at work with good HEALTHY stuff in there. I don't know who posted it or exactly when but I know it couldn't have been over 3 months ago.

Can anybody help me???? Please. I am a certified copy cat, but long story short....I have a new storage cabinet right by my desk and I want to fill one of the drawers with healthy stuff to snack on in case I forget lunch or stuff like that. I found a list online and I have some thoughts, but just wanted to look at that post again. HELP!!!!

Please and thank you!!

UPDATE: Jen & Tessierose are my certified HEROINES!! They led me right to Lap Band Gal's post I'm doing my happy Snoopy dance right!!!!


I'm down to the 230s!!! Whoo hooo!! I now weigh 238. Yay me!! I'm sick with the flu & I'm sending this from my phone. Take care!!

It's Working - NSVs

Hey all,

Just wanted to make a quick post to encourage some folk. For those out there that are feeling down and thinking the band may not be doing its job. Or for the ones that have been eating crappy and need a fill and need to climb back on the horse again. Or just for the ones out there who are just feeling down or ANXIOUS about anything. I want to let you know that you inspire me. Regardless to whether you are an old pro at this band thing, a novice at this band thing, haven't got this band thing yet or ain't gonna get this band thing....YOU KEEP ME GOING!! You keep me looking forward to what I will see the next day and the days to come in YOU and in MYSELF. Mary, Joey, Amy W., Draz, Mrs. Fatass, Ronke, Band Groupie, Tessie, Stephanie, J. Reid, ok I'm about to get myself in trouble naming names, but if I follow you, I'm speaking directly to you.

Know that I love you dearly in this virtual world and in the existing world. You have kept me going and going and going (even though I have been a crappy blogger in only reading and not commenting - ugggh work). I look forward to reading your journeys and hearing your comments on mine.

Here are are some NSVs for ya.
1.) I need to put another hole in my belt because it's a little loose.

2.) My oldest sister hadn't seen me in about 2 months and saw me and said "Wow, you are getting smaller." She also told my next to the youngest sister, that "Pam looks good." Yay!! It's the little things y'all.

I got a waistline y'all!!
My face is slimming.

Compared to this pic below taken in May:

Or this one in July:

My first 5K!!

I did it!! I'm so proud of myself. On this past Saturday, I walked in the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure. It was cold as....let's just say it was COLD!!! 40 degrees. I had on 3 shirts and a jacket. I forgot my gloves and it took a long while to warm up. I was up at 5:45 a.m. getting ready. Now this was my first walk so I didn't know what to do or what to expect. I was alone and my friends were coming later. I walked up to the Survivor's tent to go in and this older lady told me I couldn't because I didn't have a survivor shirt on. She told me I needed to have proof of registration. I told her that they didn't tell me that in the email. And she told me "well you can't come in." She wasn't nice OR helpful at all. I was about to cry y'all. I really wanted to, then this so sweet young lady from Zeta Tau Alpha Fraternity (the national sponsors of the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure survivor program and who provided and served breakfast) stepped up and told me what all I needed to do. All I had to do was go over to the registration area and give my name and they would cross it off the list and give me my t-shirt. That other lady could have told me that. So I walked on over and got it, put it on and trotted right back over to the tent. I missed the survivor picture, but I didn't care because I felt like I was now being allowed to enter into this elite club (oxymoron much!)

To much to tell here, but hopefully you will enjoy the pictures. I've attached them on another page. Let me just say that I look like a potato cause I have on so many clothes, but I'm down 36lbs. and am weighing 242lbs. now. I'm so happy and the scale has been kind. Jiminy is doing his job, Whooo HOOOOO!!!