Copying Amy W.

Yep, I'm gonna do it. I was on the website half of a day yesterday printing out stuff. I am not going to buy the book unless someone suggests that it's needed. After Amy W.'s success, and others saying they probably will go for it, I decided why not. I will start on Saturday. I know that bucks the traditional start day of Sunday or Monday, but I have never been traditional ;-).

So you know I am taking swim lessons. They are going great. I normally take them on Tuesday and Thursday evenings, but this past Tuesday, my instructor had to cancel. So to not be outdone, I decided that I was going to get a "snatch my sexy back" aka workout, anyway that day. I went to a cycle class at the campus rec center and boy was it a workout. The guy that does the class is nice, not a tyrant. He is a former runner and a cyclist so he was coaching me, the newbie. I will tell you that I sweated some and had to stop at points because that little seat was hurting my butt. Ouch!! I decided that since it was just a 30 minute class I would do the abs class afterward. Let me tell you, I am sooooo paying for that today. My stomach is sore and tight (I guess that's a good thing). That class nearly killed me, but I persevered to the end though. The instructor (who was the same for both) told me he was proud of me. Most folk don't get through the cycle class the first time around. I want to try the kickboxing class next.

Can I just say that family wears on you. For those who are my Facebook friends you probably know that I stay upbeat and positive, at least I try too. The other day was a hard one. My younger sister had a miscarriage (she was 3 months) so I was up the night before half the night. I think I got about 4 hours of sleep. Not good. I feel for her, but honestly my sister is the LAST person that needs another child. Don't get me wrong I don't wish ill and I love my sister, but she is drama and not a good parent to the child she already has. It pulls on me because I always say I can't raise everyone's child. I was praying that God's will be done because I know what would ensue, if she had another baby. She has a 16 year old that is always in trouble and that she never pays attention too. Anyway, she is probably going to have a hysterectomy because she has two pretty big fibroids that are causing problems. Crazy part is that she could have had those fibroids removed years ago. I did (hysterectomy too) and I am great. I just had to vent for a moment. My family pulls on me a lot and I end up not getting sleep/rest and/or giving advice that is NEVER followed and they they come running back to me after the fact.


Have a great day and it is Thankful Thursday as Cee-Jay has deemed it.

I'm Thankful!!


Snatching My Sexy Back!!

I have no excuse not to exercise after seeing this lady. The story is over after 5:26 mark, but if you want to watch the whole thing be my guest. Check out her body....sick!!

I read an article in Essence Magazine written by a Life Coach named Lisa Nichols and she said "My daily to-do list includes fun and entertaining tasks, such as "snatching my sexy back" rather than "working out." I have been using this and it is working for me. Our minds are quite complicated and sometimes we have to fool it into doing certain things. #justmyopinion

I'm down 4lbs and I'm happy. I hope to be down about 4 more by the time I go back to the doctor. It will be interesting to see him after our blow up earlier this month. I have been getting up at 5 a.m. to do my walking dvd and I have even incorporated jogging and jumping jacks in place of some of the moves. The jumping jacks are tough, but I get through it.

I hope you all have a wonderful week!!

Body Changes

Happy Friday Everyone!!

I am taking a break from writing this sociology paper to post a couple of pics. The scale is finally moving again. I'm very happy about that. More importantly, I see changes in my body. Check out the pics below.

I took this today. The first is with the shirt loose and I must tell you this is a 2x. The second is with me gathering the shirt in the back (hence the one arm thing going on). I see the changes everyday when I shed my clothes. Especially in my stomach. I'm not there yet, but this gives me motivation to keep going. I did have some cookies yesterday, but overall my eating has been good. Haven't PB'd yet. I can stay full for about 3 hours or so and eat about a cup of food. Now when I go back to Dr. Woodman the question he will ask is if I allow myself could I eat more and the answer is yes, so I haven't hit my sweet spot yet, but I feel I'm very close. I don't want to go to the line though and start PBing. As you can tell I got a phobia with that one.

Anyway, Happy Friday!! Enjoy your Weekend!

A post just for me

I am posting again mostly for myself so I can look back at this.

1st - I am full from a 1/2 cup of Cream of Mushroom & Chicken soup. After all that drama this morning. I am finally full from a little bit of food. HALLELUJAH!! Now whether this is my sweet spot, I have no clue, but I am going with it.

2nd - one of the nurses who assist my A$$ of a doctor during surgery also had the Gastric Bypass. She gave me a suggestion before I saw the doctor. She said: "do a crossword puzzle while eating. Find a word in between each bite. It will slow you down and you will get full." I told her I would try it with the Find-a-Word puzzle. I did and behold....I stop eating because I couldn't anymore. I felt myself sigh and know that is one of my signs. Just think that fool of a doctor threatened to not give me a fill.

3rd - I cried a bit more during and after my conversation with my friend Margie. Margie is only about 4 months out and is so smart. She can't stand the doctor that we have. She is forming a support group so that we can help each other because the one the bariatric clinic has is not engaging. There is always one person who hogs the sessions and no one gets to talk or ask questions.

4th - I am not defeated. I feel better and am so thankful for this forum. You ladies that have commented are so encouraging. I always see your progress and marvel at the inspiration. Thank you. If I name names, I may forget someone, but thank you.


UPDATE @8pm: I received a call on my cell phone this evening and you will never guess who it was from....Dr. Woodman - my bariatric doctor. He said he was calling to check on me and see how I was doing. Said he wanted to make sure I was okay. O_O

I am totally shocked. I sent his staff some flowers today and told them on the card that I appreciated them and thanks for being so encouraging. I guess he must have saw them.

Also, My dinner tonight consisted of Grilled Tilapia (on my George Foreman grill) and 1/2 cup of Tomato soup. OMG 1st, I have never had Tomato soup. It was so delicious! B (I just had a Amy W. moment, LOL), I am totally satisfied. I think I can make a go of this y'all. I did my Find-a-Word puzzle and feel great.

Angry Face!!

Hey everyone!!
Just a quick update. School is going great. I have an A in all my classes. Swim classes are going well too.

I just came from my bariatric doctor, Dr. Woodman. Have I mentioned that he is an a total ASS!!! Sorry for the language but this morning. He took me there, I pride myself on trying to be as positive as I can. I don't need stress or negativity in my life. Well Woodman gave me a fill, but not before trying to give me a lecture about not complying with the rules. Well let me tell you that I didn't let him go there without me saying a few words. Long story short, he said he WASN'T going to give me a fill. I said fine then you are wasting my time and I am about to be late for work. I was just about to ask for my co-pay back when he recanted and said that he would, but then started in on me. He told me my attitude was the reason why I haven't been successful and I proceeded to tell him that his attitude is the real problem as well as his delivery. He ended up giving me a fill, but not before I think everybody in the office heard our argument. I told him he wasn't helping anyone one with his harsh delivery and that he never gives anyone praise even when they do well. He said he would if I was successful. Oh I let him have it.

It was not pretty y'all. Just to let you know I have only gained 1.6lbs in 4 months and he was b!tching about that. When he leave I did cry, but it was because I was so angry. He didn't want to hear, although he asked, that I was working full time, a single mother, back in school taking 9 credit hours and a caregiver for my mom. He told me that he has patients that work and go to school and that they have been successful. I told him I'm sure and that I applaud them, something he never does. When I got ready to leave his staff, who are so wonderful by the way, asked if he gave me a fill and if I was okay. I told them I was and that they were saints to put up with that fool.

When I got to work, I called a friend of mine who also had the surgery through him and she talked me down. She told me that he has no personality, he is rude and that he must be an unhappy man to say the things he does. That made me feel better in that I was able with her help to put things into perspective. I refuse to let him and his negativity take me there again. I don't have the money to switch doctors and to be honest I wouldn't let him drive me away because he doesn't have any sense. My friend did tell me that she found out that the doctor had gastric bypass, which I found shocking. He was once FAT....hmmmmmm! So he is flawed after all.

Anyway, I am looking forward to Chicago! I want to say thank you again to all of you who read my blog and to all who have either forged a path for me or are walking it with me. Thank you just for being you.