Yay Me!!

I am so proud of myself. I turned down a cupcake!! I didn't want to, but I know in order to stay on track I have to not indulge in my guilty pleasures....cupcakes, cakes and cookies.

I hope you guys have a good day. I have a lot going on right now, but definitely wanted to check in with ya.

Edited to say: Oh and I have had already today 8 glasses (64 oz.) of water. Another Yay Me!!

Back to Basics day 2

I made a pact with myself that I would do better about posting. I think I will try to do one post a week. I love this forum because when I do post I stay somewhat on track when I don't....well you know. The only other thing is finding balance because when I start reading and posting I'm on here all day and posting multiple times a day.

Anyway, I started my food journal back up and took in 1780 calories and 92 oz of water or 11.5 glasses.

Happy Friday!!!

EatSmart & weigh in with their scales!!

Good Day All (in the best British accent I can muster)!!

Kenlie over at All the Weigh is giving away a FABU prize check it out below!!

Minus the extra pair of feet of course.

Your weigh in is only as good as the scale (and of course your efforts) you step on. So head on over to Kenlie's spot and check her out.

Happy Friday and Good Luck!!

A little pain and Pouch Test?

Another quick post.

I haven't started on my assignments yet, but I will get to them. At least I read the dang thang, along with some blogs.

Ok so lately I have been having a sort of nagging pain that comes and goes around my port site. Not sure what it is, but it happens at night mostly. When I lay on my stomach it starts, so I flip on my side or on my back and it stays. It's not excruciating pain, but pain nonetheless. I'm wondering should I go to my doctor and demand a flouro test. I so hate dealing with him. I am going to call and talk to his nurses whom I love. Any thoughts?

That brings me to this question. Do I need to do a pouch test? Does that have anything to do with the port pain? BTW, what the heck is a pouch test? I'm going to scourer the blogs to find out.

Hey out there!! Back to Basics!!


Hey everybody!!

1st off Thanks to Stephanie for checking on me! I have been grinding hard with this school work. Quickly because I got two assignments and a project due I will rely on bullets to catch you up. Hopefully I won't be to long.

• As mentioned before I have been swamped with school and work. My life consists of work, school, eat and school....wash, rinse and repeat. I am able to go on Facebook because it is quick, but I haven't been reading any posts....I know bad blogger. I will do better, I think I can promise that. #fingerscrossed

• I have a date for my next surgery. As I mentioned before I am undergoing breast reconstruction so this is the next to the last one. They will put in the silicone implants. So I will have a new pair of bobbies. Yay!! The date is August 18th and it will be outpatient surgery. I won't have to stay in the hospital and will be off of work for a week (with drain tubes....ugggh!!). I scheduled it in between Summer classes and Fall classes. After recouperating I will head right into Fall classes....yeah I know...

• I have to get back to basics with this weight thing. I have a not so new revelation. School is stressful and I am a stress/emotional eater. No duh!! The point is I HAVE TO STOP THAT!!! Dang it when I'm working on papers late at night my stomach just gets to growling and carrot sticks just ain't (yep I said it) on my radar. I have got to do better. So today, I am going back to writing EVERYTHING down that I eat, and following a 1200-1500 calorie eating plan. Notice how I didn't say the "d" word.

• School is going great!! My hard work is definitely paying off even if it is showing on my waistline. I have so far an A average in my classes. I got an A in my 1st Summer session class that ended on the 1st of July and I have two more to go this term.

With that I hope everyone that follows me is doing well. I may try to read and comment a little, but forgive me if I don't get to everyone.