Focus or not to Focus

Finally I got Blogger to act right. I had been having major problems.

So I haven't made a post with bullets in a minute. I guess today is the day for my randomness to kick in.

• It's amazing how we get off track with our food and become addicted. I read someone's post (don't remember who) about the brain of an addict and how our brains look the same whether we are addicted to drugs or food. It was an eye opener to say the least. I don't remember all the details, but it really gave a different perspective to how we "foodies" are so similar to folk who abuse harmful drugs.

• I am so off with my eating. If it was confession Wednesday, I would tell you that I ate about a half cup of Ben & Jerry's Peanut Butter Cup and 4 Cashew Sandies. Not good. Today I had a McDonald's hash brown and 1 of 2 sausage burritos. I just couldn't eat the other one. I'm not stuffed, but I am full.I actually stopped before my shoulder started hurting, meaning I stopped before I got stuffed and hurt myself. Trying to get better with that. My mind sometimes reverts back to when I was a kid and we were told that we had it better than the children in Ethiopia so we needed to eat all of our food. I never have understood how my eating all my food would help the starving children in Ethiopia, but oh well.

• Which brings me to this, I've heard people say that (paraphrasing) in order to lose weight and keep it off you have to not focus on food. Ok, because I'm have creative AND logical mind, how are you supposed to do that. I ask that because with the band in order to accomplish our goal and to lose weight we have to be meticulous about food. You have plan what you are going to eat and how much. Measure and weigh, portion control. You can't eat high fat food, fast food, fried food, et cetera, et cetera. My question is how do you NOT focus on food when you have to plan everything you put in your pie hole....ummmm pie, opps got off track for a second there. Where was I....oh, I find that I am constantly thinking about food. What I'm going to eat, how to prepare it, when I'm going to eat and how much of it I can or cannot eat. It can be a bit much at times. Being & getting fat was easy, losing it is hard as nails.

• My son is going to do a semester at the community college here in the city and then transfer back to TSU. I'm over my disappointment and know that he will succeed. I've learned that the only failure is not trying.

• I am so stoked about Chicago and the B.O.O.B.s trip!! I will confess that I'm a little nervous. I have been thinking about what to wear and checking the B.O.O.B.s blog to see if an agenda has been posted so I can plan around that. I tend to be a little OCD with trip planning. And seeing as since I haven't been on a real vaca in some time. The planning will go into overdrive.

• I am also (another confession) nervous about meeting all you wonderfully successful and gorgeous ladies. I feel like it's my first year in high school and thinking, will anyone talk to me. Will I be sitting by myself and just looking around. I have some wonderful roommates and know I will have fun with them, but I don't want to isolate myself and monopolize all their time. Funny thing is that folk who know me would say "Are you kidding me! Pam, you are the most outgoing chick we know!" I'm a friendly person and sometimes (no most times) go out of my way to make friends and be friendly. Ohhh well.

• Just random....why am I sitting here on Keelie's page listening to her music. Keelie is so motivating and has been so successful. She has such a great outlook. The first song that starts playing is "The Climb" by Miley Cyrus. Although I'm not a big fan, I love that song. It just puts you in the mood to know that you got to keep going. You've got to keep climbing towards your goal, whatever that may be. You can't stop and cry over the mountain that's in your way. Get up and wipe those tears, push, pull, climb your way up, past or around it.

Lastly I want to leave you with this:

Blogger acting up

I can't see anyone's recent posts. I can click on them in the dashboard but it won't take me to the most recent posts.

I needed to be able to take my mind off of stuff, but oh well.

Have a great weekend everyone.

A little down

Hey All,

It has been a minute since I last posted something. Weight loss is going ok. I ended the semester on a HUGE note, all A's, but my son on the other hand, officially is on suspension. I don't know what he did or better yet, didn't do while in Nashville, but I have seen his grades and they are not good at all. I don't know if it was him being away from home or what, but it took it's toll. I am not going to scream at him when I get home but we will be having a talk. I'm sure he will be sickened, but he has to take the blame for this one.

I'm disappointed because in this world with the the economic state as it is, he needs to have a skill set. He is so good with computers. I just don't know right now what to do. I guess I can't do anything, but let him bump his head a little. He has to find a job and we all know what the job market is like right now. I pray that he will be able to. Maybe this is something that needed to happen for him to see that he can't slack.

I'm feeling a little down right now. I'm proud of myself, but no one likes to see their child fail.

Just had to vent a little.