I have been working steadily for about two weeks now. Work just somehow started piling up. Amazing because it isn't my work, but I did agree to help. That's why I haven't been posting much. I've been logging onto Facebook, but for short spurts at a time. Nothing where I could sit and put up a blog about what is going on. So lets start with my faithful bullet points. Honestly that's the only way I can stay on track and make a little bit of sense.

Weight loss - I had a fill today. I saw the nurse, Dori, today and I love, Love, LOVE her. I asked Dori, how much she put in my band and she sat and talked with me and told me I have 3.5ccs in it (today she put in 1cc). I didn't ask the doctor the last time I was there because he wouldn't tell anyway according to others I know who go to him. She told me that Dr. Woodman doesn't believe in telling his patients how much he puts in because he doesn't want them comparing, but that she didn't see any reason why I shouldn't know. I think I am very close to my sweet spot by the way. I thanked Dori and told her that I am very hands-on when it comes to my health care plus I do a blog and I wanted to put that in. We also talked about me being a BC survivor and told me about her cousin who just underwent a bilateral mastectomy and is about to go through chemo. I gave her info and she asked about my doctors. It seems her cousin and I have the same general surgeon. It was a good visit. Anyway, I am 6.6lbs down from the last visit. Not stellar, but hey I will take it. Which makes me a total of 33lbs. down. I weigh 245lbs. I haven't seen that number in quite some time. I must say I am quite pleased with myself. I love the way I feel and look. I will say though that I could have done better and will definitely be putting in 100%. I kinda slacked the week of my birthday and the week after and didn't exercise the way I should. I know that it will only get better. I did the 4 mile Superwalk yesterday with Leslie(Walk Away the Pounds DVD). It kicked my butt, but you know what kicked my butt even more.....the fact that I did 3 reps of squats after that along with back kicks (I don't know the technical name for it, but it's where you face the wall and kick your leg back; good for the butt). My thighs are so sore right now. Every time I go to sit down I feel it. You all just don't know how pleased I am because before the surgery, exercise was walking to my office building and back.

Lifting Weights - so I talked with my physical therapist and she said I can lift no more than 10lbs. because of they lymphedema. She suggested I used firming bands, which I already do with the WATP DVD and cable cords. She also said I could do push ups. I don't want to have bat wings after this weight loss, plus I know building muscle will help with the weight loss.

Breast Reconstruction - I saw my plastic surgeon today and he put some more fluid in my tissue expander. I will not be getting my permanent implants until next year. It was a bummer at first but when he explained why, I got it. Because I am loosing weight if I get the implants now they are going to be sagging and lopsided because of the fat loss. He would rather I waited until I was either at goal or very close to goal to have the surgery as to get the best look. Ok, so I'll wait. I'm the type of person who sets a schedule and lives by it. I don't like going off plan, but I do understand his reasonings and will comply. So this allows me look at my weight loss and plan around that. I won't bore you with the details, but if I can loose 10lbs a month, I will be down the remaining 70lbs. by May. I will be done with Spring classes and can afford to lay back for a minute until June Summer session starts up. That's my plan and I'm sticking with it. I did stop by A Fitting Place which is a bra place her in Memphis and got a great compression vest/bra. It will reduce the swelling so that my skin & tissue will be soft for surgery, but the greatest part about that besides it being free because my insurance pays 100%, is that I no longer have side boobs ;-). I am so happy to look and feel somewhat normal.

I won't make this to long a post, but know that I missed you guys. I logged in a couple of times, but because I couldn't dedicate the time I wanted to reading and commenting on the blogs, I just didn't at all. It was like something was missing from my life when I didn't connect with you all. I will have a computer at home in December when I get my longevity check. Now, I can get finish with this remaining crap on my desk.

Happy Monday!!

Birthday Bliss

Happy Tuesday all!!

I am so worn out but happy as a lark. My birthday was Sunday and I took off Monday to go to various doctor's appointments, including getting a fill, but ended up canceling because I got the surprise of my life Sunday when my son came home for my birthday.

Quick story: I got up Sunday and gave thanks for not only living to see another year, but for also being cancer free for a year. So I celebrated two birthdays. I fixed myself a protein smoothie and excepted hugs from my niece and nephew for my birthday. My youngest sister was all the while pulling on their little jackets. I asked if she was taking them outside to play since it was nice out, although I thought is was kinda early. She just said no and kept doing what she was doing. My mom came out of her bedroom and had her keys in her hand. I thought she was going out to buy a Sunday paper as she does every Sunday. I shrugged and went back to my bedroom to watch the weekend edition of the morning news. Got a call from one of my BFFs singing happy birthday and we talked for about an hour. Got a text from my oldest sister and nephew wishing me a happy birthday so I called them. I soon noticed the house was quiet and thought my youngest sister most have went with my mom. I just assumed they probably went over to another one of my sister's house (there are 5 of us + 1 brother) to finish the supposed surprise party details. Soon I began to wonder where they were, so I texted my sister, but she never replied. I kept talking on the phone. About an hour later they walked in the house and into my bedroom bearing gifts and saying happy birthday. My sister then as she is walking out of my bedroom said oh we have one more gift for you. She exits and in walks my son!! I just started screaming and crying. You see I nor he thought he would be able to get home because he couldn't find a ride. I was even a littled ticked at a couple of his friends for not making room for him (another story). He decided late Saturday night to catch the Greyhound home to surprise me. I was definitely surprised. I just hugged, kissed and rocked him. It was like he had been gone years. I know it has only been two months, but because we are so close I miss him greatly everyday. Plus he has never missed one of my birthdays since he has been born. We laughed, talked and ate (far to much) as I welcomed another year. I put him back on the bus last night and he got back in Nashville around midnight. My year is complete.

I'm sleepy as heck because I stayed up awaiting his call to make sure he got into his dorm safely. There have been a series of robberies at his school and one boy got held up at gun point right on my son's dorm room floor. My son says it has to be somebody that lives there but they haven't been caught yet. My son stays aware of his surroundings, but I couldn't sleep until I knew he was safe in his room. He is and I can breathe.

WL note: I lost those 2lbs I gained. I'm down to 247 which is one pound down from where I was. I'm happy about that although I wonder did I undo all of that with my eating on Sunday. I don't think so because my sister cooked some great low cal/low fat stuff. My portion sizes I know were off though and I was able to eat it all which is why I think I will get that fill on the initial date scheduled which is October 25th. Hopefully I will be more than 8lbs down.

A ...GAIN!!

So I knew it would happen so I didn't freak out when I saw that my devil of a scale was saying that I was 2lbs. up. Ugggh!! So that busts up my 240s and put me back at 250 even. That's ok cause I know what I need to do. I missed two days of exercising and kinda ate a little more than I should. I'm cool. I know this is part of the journey. My birthday is on Sunday so my family has planned a surprise for me. They are trying their best to include my new eating habits in the celebration. They ask could I eat pound cake. I told them yes. So instead of the big thick sweet frosted cake I am having pound cake with lite whipped cream and strawberries (my favorite). They know I don't like big frosted cakes anyway.

SN: I'm wondering should I purchase the Weight Watchers scale that I saw in the magazine. I read on another blog that someone got it. I wonder if it is worth the hype. Anybody got one and want to give a quick review? I just hate that my scale has a 2lb. difference from my doctor.

I think I will have to up my exercise because I have been getting in about 225 minutes (45 mins. 5 days a week) of exercise a week. I do the Leslie Sansone video and brisk walk 3 miles with a little jogging in between. I think I will have to add a day. I do however see the difference in my body. I now have a waistline and as my baby sister terms it a "booty", LOL!! I had to check myself out from the back. Shocker I tell ya!! Today I have on this suit jacket that I bought years ago and it is soooo big on me. I look like a kid playing in my momma's closet in this thing. I have to get a new suit jacket. I'm thinking of the cute ones that hit at the waist. This one is long and outdated style wise, but hey when you are limited on funds, something has to suffer.

Anyway, just wanted to check in with ya. I will come back with my ghost story. Stay tuned.

40's BABY!! and I got a question

Ok so this is the WL post as opposed to the one on Thursday. ☺ boy would I love to be 80lbs down. But this post is to say that I am now in the 240s. YAY!!! I got on the scale this morning and I officially weigh 246lbs. WHOO-HOOO!! Now on my doctor's scale it would read 248 (because they just have to be difficult & be 2lbs more), but hey I'm in the 240's!! I am so happy.

I have been thinking a lot about restriction. When I got my first fill, my doctor told me if I didn't feel anything to come back in a week and get another one. I have been trying to track my satiety and this is what I get:

•When I drink a protein drink I get hungry 2 hours out. I mean stomach growling like a rabid wolf. I realize because its a liquid its going to go straight through. I'm ok with that because I'm trying to make sure I get my protein in.

•When I eat real food ex. 1 cup of oatmeal with truvia and golden raisins, I can finish only 3/4s of it and I am full for about 3 1/2 hours. I read a post on that the norm is 4 hours.

Which brings me to this question. Should I go get a fill? Yesterday for dinner I had a 1/2 cup of Progresso soup with some crackers and a salad (no meat). The salad was about a 1 cup & 1/2. I was full, but borderline stuffed. Not stuffed though. I could eat more if I let myself, but I don't want to stretch my band. Sometimes I wonder if this is to much (this refering to the soup & salad).

I have to say I'm scared of restriction. Does that make sense? I have heard stories about people not being able to swallow or eat because of to much fluid in the band. Also I feel silly typing this, but in a way I wonder will I be able to get all my nutrients in if I can't eat much. I am diligent with my vitamins and protein. I even found Biotin at Wal-Mart in 5000 mcg - 1 tab. Now I dont' have to take 5 tabs a day in 1000 mcg. I DO NOT want to loose any more hair. Shoot I just started getting this to grow back.

Help y'all!!