Checking In

Hey everybody!!

The semester is winding down and I am so happy. I am loving school and to be honest getting these A's makes me feel like I'm smart, LOL. I finished my last paper in my Sociology class last week and the instructor has been on the ball because I was just checking and she has posted my grade already. Whooo-hooo!! I hope the semesters after this one are as great. I will have an A in all of my classes (3 of them) at the end.

Atkin's Update: I kinda slipped a bit when my mom went into the hospital to have surgery. I had packed my shakes and protein powder for added umph, but when it came time to eat, the hospital was severely lacking. My older sister and I went to Chik-fil-a and I got a grilled chicken salad, but dinner proved more difficult. It seems in Collierville, TN (which is where the hospital was) everything shuts down at 9 p.m. Boooo!! I thought I would be able to order from the Chinese place, but the nurse told me that they closed at 9 as well. It was 9:30....dangit! I ended up getting a pizza & some wings from Pizza Hut. I was sad. So I ended up eating carbs Thursday through Sunday. The good thing is that I didn't over do it. I gained 2lbees, but went right back to Atkin's on Monday. I haven't weighed myself since Saturday, so we will see when this Saturday comes how much I have lost. I finding this thing easier and easier as time goes on.

NSV: Folk have been telling me how great I look. My co-worker was all out cheering for me today and doing the "swim." I was laughing and posing. She says she can tell I am loosing and that the swimming is working. I have 2 more lessons left and then I will be on my own.

Anyway, not much to tell. My mom did wonderfully through the surgery so she is just healing. Thank you to all of you for your kind words and prayers on her behalf.


Beth Ann said...

So glad to hear that your mom is doing well!!

Amanda Kiska said...

I'm so glad you're mom is on the mend!

Great job on those A's!

Angela said...

Go smarty pants!!!! We need some updated pics so we can tell you how pretty you are! Glad your mom's surgery went well.

Amanda said...

Good to hear you and your mom both are doing well!

I did okay with atkins but now that I am off of it I have gained a few lbs back! I am hopinh it is water and TOM weight!

YOu are doing so well with school! I was never a great student!

Stephanie said...

I'm glad you are doing well, kicking ass in school, my thoughts are with your mom and we will have to have pool time in Chicago, ok? :)

Pamela E. Williams said...

Thanks ladies.

@Amanda, it took 20+ years after graduating high school and doing some college to actually be a great student now. I guess I wasn't ready then. I have motivation (this crappy job) to do it right this time

@Stephanie, I am looking forward to getting in some pool time in Chicago!