As Is The Days of Our Lives

I remember I used to watch that soap opera when I worked at night. I would come home from FedEx shower, eat, play with my son or send him to school and then post up to watch Days of Our Lives. I could never figure out how folk could have so much drama. I was up when they were up and down when they were down. I would scream at the TV when stuff got scandalous and cry at births or otherwise overcoming of adversity.

I said that because a lot of times my life tended to have enough drama to warrant its very own soap opera. Just the weekend alone I threatened to taser my son's father if he showed up at my son's graduation (see I told you drama). Nevertheless my son graduated without seeing his momma go to jail and I got to see my one and only baby boy walk across the stage to accept his diploma. After much hard work, no father in his life, lack of money most of the time, and watching his momma go through cancer, he persevered. I told him last Sunday that I was so proud of him and he said "Momma, I'm proud of you. Even though you have been through all of this you still managed to push me and get me here."

I salute Jonathan L. Ingram....TSU Bound (my baby got 3 scholarships....YAY!!)


Bonnie said...

Congratulations. You must be so proud of him and you!

Stephanie said...

Congrats to both you and your son. I know you are just beaming with pride!!! By the way, i always watched Days of Our Lives. My mom watched it and I started on in back in the lat 70's when i was a kid. Seriously, how many times can one person die and come back from the dead? Yet in Salem, they had tons of people come back. Sheer craziness!