What does it really mean when we say "under the weather?" Aren't we all under weather. Ok, I'm being goofy. I got to make myself feel better some how.

I caught something from my son's graduation. With 6000+ folk in one room somebody was bound to breathe on me, yuck!! I'm stuffy, coughing and my throat just started feeling better. The worse part is that my plastic surgeon saw fit to do minor surgery on me this past Tuesday and put in a freaking drain tube. As you you may know I'm going through reconstruction for new breasts. It seems I had some type of cyst and he decided to cut it out. Not only do I have to put off my lab work (now June 10th) and EGD(June 15th), but I also have to put off my physical therapy as well. Oh well. Life must go on.

I just want to say thank you so much to my 18 followers. I am working to make sure I follow all of your blogs as well and please, please recommend banders to my blog. Thanks.