Giveaway Alert!!

Hey guys!! Shelly over at The World According to Eggface is giving away

Go on over to her spot and she will give you instructions on how to enter and maybe win!

Can I just say for the record I SOOOOOOO want to try these syrups. I called my local Whole Foods and they don't sell this product :-( Ok so I have to order it. With money being tight AND the fact that I hate to wait when I order something online, I hope that I win!!

Happy Hump Day!!


Ice Queen said...

Torani syrups rock.


You can find them in limited selections at supermarkets. I usually pick mine up at Fry's. (aka Kroger, in some areas.)They are slightly spendy but worth it. :D

Nella said...

How sweet are you!

Joey said...

Just get through the next 2 weeks, girl. And try not to kill her in that time :)