GO CHICA GO!!!!!!!

I'm going to participate. I never really win anything so this will be just to keep my motivation up to exercise and continue to lose weight. Go on over to Draz's to get all the info or just read the abbreviated version below:

Keep a log - and the person with the most miles wins a prize!

In order to give everyone the chance to log in and check blogs and such I'd like this to start on Friday, August the 20th and end on Friday, September the 24th! That's 5 exact weeks - 35 short days!

Let Draz know if you want to sign up and I'll keep a list of competitors. I may ask for updates and post them randomly so all of you with competitive spirits can be motivated along the way so keep your logs current!

Be sure to let your followers know about the challenge since I'm sure all of your followers don't follow me so they won't know about it unless you tell them.

Repost the pic above.



Amy W. said...

I will be rooting for you (sshhh...dont tell anyone else)...this post is invisible right?