My Fat Girl Bucket List

I saw this on Jenny's blog back in June and just knew that I had to do one. Jenny I hope you don't mind. So here goes.....

1. I want to wear a size smaller than a 24…much smaller. I want to be able to shop at Ross Dress for Less and wear cute clothes like my boss. Maybe a 16…naw how about a 14.

2. I want to be able to climb stairs without being so out of breath and tired that I want to throw up.

3. I want to go to Universal Studios and ride on the Harry Potter ride and not be asked to get off because of weight like this guy.

4. I want to stop coughing and to not use my inhaler anymore.

5. I want to wear the cute stilettos and not have my calves & shins in excruciating pain from all the pressure of 269lbs.

6. I want my stomach to be flat so I can tuck my tops in sometimes.

7. I want to learn how to swim and wear a bathing suit in front of guys at the rec center. The women I don't care about but I get self-conscious in front of guys.

8. I want to get small enough to wear a cute hair cut & color where my head doesn’t look so big and I don’t look like Ronald McDonald. You know how a fat person’s head looks huge with little hair. BTW this is one of my rewards.

9. I want to throw a classy Martha Stewart type dinner party complete with places cards and music. I want to be able to wear the cutest LBD and entertain my wonderful guests.

10. I want to take a dance class and not be afraid that I will be to out of breath to do the whole class. Maybe a Salsa, Swing and/or Belly dancing class.

One more...

11. I also want to be able to cross my legs. Right now I can’t even put my foot up on my knew (like the men cross their legs) without bending down and picking my foot up and putting it on my knee. It gets there but it slides right back off.


Ok guys, I want to name my band like so many of you wonderful ladies have. I need some suggestions. You know I love cartoons and Harry Potter *waving @PIE*. So help me out. Maybe something that goes along the lines of a wizard band....?? Or maybe I can call him/her Snoopy or Scooby. I don't know but I'm sure some of you smart ladies can come up with something. I'm open to all suggestions.

I would like to send out peaceful and good vibes to my dear Draz. I know things are kinda crappy right now, but I know you will get through this. It's hard to see you sad because you are so fearless. Here's to knowing that the best is yet to come for you. ♥♥♥


DiZneDiVa said...

I love this list... I would love to write one of my own one day... I will see you when you come to Orlando... but Harry Potter is at Universal Studios Islands of Adventure, not DisneyWorld. You could still see both. Universal is getting a bigger seat for the ride but usually they open with it so this time, they saw why they need to... I am waiting to go see it as well. Let me know, if you visit. *Maria*

Pamela E. Williams said...
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Pamela E. Williams said...

LOL, thanks Maria for letting me know cause I would have been looking like one meatball looking for a ride at Disney World that isn't there.

I'm glad they are going to accommodate people more. Everybody is not the same in any shape form or fashion.

Drazil said...

Awww you sweet little tulip...thank you for the good wishes. All will be well here...because I have friends like you. You are going to meet everyone one of these goals and then some. I think you should name your band Sunshine....cuz that's what you have always represented to me....a big ol ray of sunshine.

Pamela E. Williams said...

:-D @Draz!!

I will keep Sunshine in mind. Thansk so much.

tessierose said...

Love the list, I know you'll get all those things and more! Merlin is the only wizard name I know.

Gwen said...

Jiminy Cricket :)

Pamela E. Williams said...

LOL@Tessie, Merlin is the best known wizard. Thats a good one too.

@Gwen, wow now you have hit something cause I love Pinocchio!!!

You all are coming up with some great ones!!

Gwen said...

You and I are cartoon soul-mates :) I think Jiminy Cricket is doubley good bc he can be your conscience.

Amaris said...

Love the list idea! Thanks for sharing :) I might have to do one soon!

Michelle said...

Great list! You'll achevie many of them in no time. I need to do one of these.

As for the name of your band I like what Tessierose said Merlin. It's cute!