WOW @ Drew Carey

Have you guys seen this?

Drew Carey has dropped a reported 70 lbs. -- and he tells he couldn't feel better.

"I just got sick of being fat," he told Us Wednesday at the 2010 CBS Summer Press Tour Party in Beverly Hills.

In early May, the National Enquirer reported that The Price Is Right host, 52, was dieting and working out. A month later, it claimed Carey was using an "custom-made appetite suppressant administered by a Hollywood nutritionist."

But Carey told Us he's been following a cardio program, "so there's nobody really standing over me. I do work with somebody who gives me advice on what to do, how many minutes to run, what my heart rate should be and all that kind of stuff."

Carey, who said he is no longer diabetic, told Us he wants to lose more weight "so I can be looking that great at 86."

Added the actor, "My fiancee has a 5-year old, and wow, I'd love to see him graduate. I'd love to be able play with him without getting tired, enjoy my life and watch him grow."

Though he still eats meat, he told Us he has one strict food rule: "No donuts!"

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Ice Queen said...

I saw that story last night. I was going to link to it, but I saw that you had beat me to it. lol

He has so well, hasn't he? He looks great. I hope that he can keep it off. That seems to be the biggie, for most of us who lose a lot of weight. I wish him well. (He needs to have a blog here so we can all support him, as we do each other. :D)

Pamela E. Williams said...

Ooooh you are so right. I was telling my BFF who was banded and is having so many problems that the support system here is amazin. I just love you guys. She doesn't have time to go online with nursing school, work, and a 2 year old. I told her it is well worth the few minutes to network with people who have been successful.

CeeJay said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog and best of luck to you as you reach your upcoming surgery date!!!

Pamela E. Williams said...

Hey CeeJay, thank you for wishing me luck!!

Michelle said...

Wow he looks great! I haven't seen this article yet.

Nicole said...

One of my co-workers pointed this article out to me as a way to say "well, if Drew Carey can do it why can't you?" My response was "Talk to me again in 2 years when I am still rocking my band and Drew Carey is on Oprah talking about how he gained it all back." I mean I want to be supportive, but we all heard the same statistics at the seminar.

Can't wait to hear more of your story. Keep blogging!


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