I am so hungry right now. I just ate a 4 oz cup of sugar free applesauce and a cheese stick. I don't eat lunch for another hour and a half. UGGGG!!! My stomach is growling like a rabid wolf. Dang it!! I have drank my water and still no let up. Ahhh well, I will be alright.

I went to a support group last night and I can say like all others in this support forum, that there is nothing like my sisters here. The group had about 8 people all in various states of WLS. One lady was considering getting the lap band. There was one person who had the by-pass and another the sleeve, the other 5 of us all had the band in various states of post op. Nothing the nutritionist said was anything I hadn't heard before. She sat there and told us about some studies she had read and basically read a little from the paper. After a while this guy who had the sleeve kind of took over. Actually, I was glad he did because it was boooooooorinnnng. I don't understand what a support group is for if it isn't for support. Maybe I'm just spoiled by what I have with you guys.

Anywho, I go for my first fill and follow up appointment on this Monday (9/20) coming up. One of the ladies who had the band on July 1st told me that our doctor won't have a problem with how much weight I have lost. She said he kind of got in her butt during her follow up because she had lost only 12lbs. Dr. Woodman thinks that you should loose at least 10. I thought well you did that. She said that wasn't anything spectacular in his eyes. Oh well, he will be alright. I still have a week left, so I will see how much I will drop by the 20th. Its not a race and the nutritionist said the same thing that Amy W. said in that everyone is different. I am anxious to see if this first fill will make a difference for me and to see how aggressive he will be with the fill. He is known to be an a-hole, but he doesn't scare me.

I was so excited to see my son this past weekend when he came home with the band to play in the classic. Now I am counting the days until Thanksgiving when he will be home for a few days. I know once that is gone I will be counting the days until Christmas. I miss my son! Here is a picture of him in action at the first game.


amandakiska said...

Sorry about the hunger. That is no fun! Try to eat snacks that are substantial (lots of protein), but if you are hungry, I think you should eat. I don't know if you are still on mushies or not. The band works so much better with solid foods than sliders.

How's your son enjoying college? That's cool that you got to see him.

Pamela E. Williams said...

Hey Amanda!! I'm on solid food now. I was just waiting on lunch. I get hungry 2 to 3 hours out once I have eaten.

Jon is loving college. He says he loves campus life. Thanks for the advice.

Stephanie said...

Yes, bandster hell sucks, but it will be over soon. Honestly, just try to think of all the good things in life that don't involve food. Shop Online, go for a walk...or have something small to just curb the craving. You will get through this, hon!!

alycejo said...

Oh I can totally relate
I am completely starving all the time! Even after I eat I just still feel hungry!
I'm going for my second fill on monday and i'm going to tell the dr to fill me up with a bit more than 1.5cc
Hopefully it will help
Good luck!

Band Geek said...

I'm sure your surgeon will be pleased with your progress--you are doing great! Instead of apple sauce, try having a few ounces of lean meat--it should make you fuller, longer.

Cindylew said...

Water, water and more water.
Bandster hell sucks...end of story.
Very handsome son.
Love ya.

Drazil said...

Poopy - I do not like bandster hell.

Nella said...

The fill will be your ticket baby!

Michelle said...

Bandster hell is exaclly what it says. I'm sorry. But amandakiska said it best the band works so much better with solid foods than sliders. Hang in there your going to do great!

Lap Band Gal said...

Hang in there... great pic of your son!