Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy!!

Anyone remember Ren & Stimpy. They were the most silliest cartoon out at the time. I hated to watch them, but it's like I couldn't turn away.

Grace of Grace's Fat Chance and Nella the Skinny B---H! were so wonderful in presenting me with such marvelous award. Thank you Grace & Nella for being such sweethearts.

So here are 10 things I like:

1. I love to hear the birds chirping on a cool crisp summer morning (before it gets 99 degrees). It takes me back to my childhood where my bed was under a window and every morning I would be awaken by a bird singing happily.

2. I love to sleep in and get up when my body says "wake up sunshine."

3. calms my soul (especially Jazz - listening to Miles Davis now). When anything stressful is going on, I can just pop in a CD and play something and my body just automatically transport.

4. My family. No matter if we get angry we are still there for one another. Everybody can't say they like their families. You have to love them, but like is another story. I truly do like them.

5. Technology. I have this thing where I have to get a new phone every year. I'm trying to cut that out, but in a few weeks I am getting an iPhone. I was going to wait until I get my longevity check, but the buttons on the phone I have are acting fickle so it's time. I also love computers.

6. The Food Network. On weekends I can sit and watch hours of that channel.

7. Which brings me to my favorite cook on there. I like Rachel Ray. I would love to meet her. Anybody got the hook up?

8. Fingernail polish. I have this collection of colors that I have been building forever. My sisters and nieces always come over to borrow. They always laugh because they feel like normal people have about 5 bottles of nail polish in different colors. Well I have about 55 or more.

9. Jewerly. I love little bracelets and earrings you can get from the beauty supply store. They don't cost much and I have built a little collection of that too.

10. Paper of any kind. I really like those cute journals. Kohl's has a cute one that I want to pick up. I think I have more journals and writing books than anything in my house.

Here are 10 Bloggers that I love and there are more, but I guess I will follow the rules....this time ;-).

1. Stephanie
2. Bonnie
3. Ronke
4. Joey
5. Catherine
6. Nicole
7. Amanda
8. Angela
9. Michelle

There are so many others. In fact 75 or more of you lovely gals, but of course I would be all day typing. Just know that you all deserve this award.

To all my lovely new followers....thank you, Thank you, THANK YOU!! I appreciate you being along on this journey with me and I look forward to sharing in your's. If I have happened to over look you and am not following your blog somehow, please let me know in a comment.

On the WL front, I have lost another pound. I went to Nashville for my son's first game and had a ball. I tried to make good food choices, for the most part I think I did well. I didn't get stuck or anything like that although I was looking for it. Went to Applebee's and had a Grilled Chicken Pasta salad & a little Spinach & Artichoke dip Saturday night, Since I was traveling Saturday Morning I had homemade veggie chili for breakfast. I am not a breakfast person, so unless it's yogurt or a protein drink, I stick to non breakfast fare. I didn't get a chance to eat a lot so I had plenty of water and some cheese sticks to tide me over. On Sunday, I ate some of the pasta salad I had from the night before because you know I didn't finish it. For lunch that day we went to Shoney's and I got a salad and tried the chicken but it didn't feel good going down so I got some Meatloaf and it was nasty so I just stuck with some mashed potatoes and called it a day. The only problem I would say that I'm having when I go out is drinking while eating. when I'm at home or work its not a problem, but when I'm out with friends, I find myself wanting to drink because it's there. I guess I could just not order it and get a to go cup. Later that evening as we were dropping our children off we stopped at Jack in the Box and I got a Teriyaki Chicken bowl. It had in there broccoli, grilled chiken in teriyaki, shredded carrots and rice. It was actually good and I got full and couldn't eat it all. I always worry though about stretching my pouch.

Other stuff to tell, but I don't want to bore you guys and this post is already becoming to long.....HAPPY MONDAY!!!


Bonnie said...

Thanks so much for the award and congrats on losing the pound. I love to sleep in too. :)

Pie said...

Ren and Stimpy!! Gosh I loved that show, but was hard to watch sometimes! I always love reading your little tidbits, it sounds like you've got such a fun, joy-filled life!!

Michelle said...

Congrats on the award and thank you for nominating me! Not sure if I told you already or not but I gave you one as well. You diserve it!