First off I have to use the word that Jenn coined "haphausted". I can say thats where I am right now. I went to Nashville for my son's first game and had ball. I'm tired as heck, but am so happy.

Here is a pic of my SUN during the game. I didn't get a chance to get a full frontal one cause those guys were on the go. We have the Southern Heritage Classic this weekend where he will be home with the band. I'm so excited. I'm sitting right by the band.

I posted earlier about my eating, but we also went sight seeing. We saw the oddest dogs and they were .....lets just say special. Wow!

These dogs were just sitting there on a motorcycle. Very trained dogs. I had to question though how in the whole wide world they got their fur like that. No normal dog would have sat still for that. You had to see it.

Hope you guys are having a great week so far. I got Zumba tonight.


Angela said...

I LOVE marching season. I think I need a soundtrack with just marching cadences to get me moving. Love it!

Drazil said...

Love the pic of your son. HOpe Zumba was good and sweaty!

Joey said...

Aww - I can't believe you have a son in college!

Amanda said...

LOL at those dogs! I used to be in marching band! I played the sax!
Hope you enjoyed Zumba and I can't wait to start!

Nella said...

Hey Pameelalalala!
I gave you an award, you can view it on my page!
Love the pics!

Michelle said...

I used to be in Marching Band!! I played the Saxaphone.