1st round of testing and Randomness

I think I'm excited. I go for my lab testing tomorrow and will be out all day from work. Mainly because after the testing which lasts till about 1 pm, I have a plastic surgeon appointment at 2:30. I don't see any sense in going into work. The testing consists of blood draw (which I hate by the way-you would think I would be used to it), EKG and stomach ultrasound. Its getting close.

The randomness today is about one of my best friends. She got banded on May 10th. So its just been a month. She is complaining about its work and if I ever have to have it removed for some odd reason, I won't let them put it back in. WTC, she is talking about her hair is shedding and that she still has to do what a person without the band would to lose weight. WELL DUH! I told her this last year when she was considering WLS. She has low-self esteem and has been in an abusive relationship. She wants to be skinny and make her abusive baby daddy eat his heart out and possible act right. WTC again! She insists that she got banded for her health, but I know better. I told her that if she was not ready to lose weight then the band would do her no good in the long run. She knows if you have internal issues (abuse of any kind, etc...) losing weight won't solve those issues. It just frustrates me sometimes when I hear her complain about something she did to herself and now that its not working the way she wants it to she complains.

Ok that was my rant for today. Talk to you guys on Friday.


-Grace- said...

I hope the testing goes well!!

I hope your friend figures herself out. Changing her appearance isn't going to make her ex treat her better or whatever she might think. I hope she is successful and learns to work with the band!

amandakiska said...

One month in, your friend's band is not working at full efficency. She probably hasn't had any fills yet which means she doesn't have a whole lot of restriction. So she's right in that she is the one doing all the work.

When I had my second fill, I felt like I was experiencing a new level of being banded.

I hope your testing comes out allright so you can get on with things. I think you will be much better prepared for this experience than your friend.