BYOC...Bring Your Own Craziness

** Carmen helped Draz with most of these questions...Draz was brain dead after shopping. Thank you Carmie!

1. If your heart had a singing voice, whose would it be?
The ever great Celine Dion. Every time she sings my heart just swells and I cry. She is phenomenal!!

2. What is your most disgusting habit?
I the most gaseous person I know (except for my son). I can blow a room up. I hate admitting that. I have so much Febreeze in my house its pitiful. I don't know what I'm going to do when I ever get a husband. He won't leave the room because of my snoring, it will be because a bomb went off in the bedroom. And I would be mortified if I farted in my sleep and he heard it. Embarrassing much.

3. Carmen and Draz were talking about Chicago and their fears...for those of you going (and those of you not you can answer as if you were going)...what is your biggest fear?
That nobody will like me or talk to me and if they did, it will be minimal or out of obligation just to make nice. I don't normally care what folk think or say about me, but for some reason I think I would be wondering if anyone would even befriend me. And just for the record....this is SOOOO not like me.

4. This isn't so much a question but a challenge. Name one thing you will do for just one day next week in the name of health and commit to it on your blog and to us.
I will not eat any fast food this pay period. I will save that money for important stuff. I get lazy sometimes and don't cook. I will challenge myself to plan ahead this week coming up (starting Sunday) and plan all my meals.

5. Whose blog or comment stuck with you the most this week?
Stephanie's post about the Biggest Loser and how unhealthy their practices were set me off. I have to admit, I just got angry. I read the blog that Stephanie got it from and just sat there saying "I knew it!!" I used to refuse to watch weight loss shows such as BL and Celebrity Fit Club because they were unrealistic. If it was that easy folk wouldn't be fat a all. Everyone would be skinny and we would be as society deems one of "The Beautiful Ones."

Also every blog I read that makes me realize that this journey is hard, but indeed possible to voyage with the help, kindness and overall honesty of the very authors that write them.

***I would like to say a big HEY to all my new followers!! If I'm not following you please, please let me know in a comment. I don't want to miss your journey.***


Drazil said...

OMG - why didn't you tell me I wasn't following you - you little sweet pea? I'm here now and so happy to have found you! Be well...

Pamela E. Williams said...

HEY Draz!!! I knew you would get around to it. Thanks for following me.

Stephanie said...

I would so be your friend in Chicago, just as an FYI and you know what, you and I could just be the two gassy girls together, cause I can get some wicked gas sometimes. I hear that's why they call it the Windy City!

Pamela E. Williams said...

You are a jewel Stephanie!! LOL@Chicago being the Windy City! I'm laughing thinking about it now.

DrTejas said...

Hey! I'm a new follower. Keep fighting the good fight. One day at a time (that's what I have to keep telling myself) =)

Cindylew said...

Pamela...I can't for the life of me find your "follow" button. I added you to my blog list but can't seem to get added to yours. It's usually right above the little thumbnails but nothing says "follow".

Maria said...

Hello! Another new follower here!

Bianca J said...

Hi there,

New follower here. Great list and loved the throw back pics in your previous post.

Pamela E. Williams said...

@DrJejas, Maria & Bianca, I am now following you. Thanks so much

@Cindylew, I'll try to see if I can fix that follow button.