Blogger down and Al Roker

Ok, I tried non-stop to post and to comment this morning and got nothing. For the times I could comment on folks blog it would give me this Blogger is down status and then I would try again (because I'm persistent that way) and it would give me the same message. Only to come back (again with the persistence) and see that I posted the same message twice on some of your blogs. I tried to delete the extra, but then it would ask me to re-sign in. WTC(What the Crap), I'm already signed in. Anywho I'm here at 3:freaking42 in the afternoon trying to read, comment and post all at the same time. Probably will be tomorrow before I get to everyone.

Did anyone see Al Roker on the Today Show this morning talking about his WLS? I missed it but caught it online (cause you know I don't do jack at work) but my mom called and reminded me and I decided to check it out. It was to say the least a sincere heartfelt account of how and why he decided to have Gastric By-pass. I have watched this man for years. I love his sense of humor and just over all way of reporting. My mom who is now on board told me that it was very interesting and touching. I think she was surprised to see that this man who is in television decided to take control of his life in this manner. My mom has now learned so much since my first talking to her about my own WLS and is not against it any longer.

Al talked about being called "Fat Albert" as a kid because his given name is Albert.
His father before dying asked him to loose weight and get healthy. It's a revealing account of a very public figure. If you didn't see it this morning. I've posted it here.


Stephanie said...

It's weird but when I see the Skinny Al, he just doesn't look like the same person, since I always "knew" him as a big guy. It makes me wonder if when I lose the weight, will people have that same reaction towards me? Will they think differently about me as a skinnier person since they have always known me as a fat girl?

Cindylew said...

Thanks for sharing this.
I've always liked him and will enjoy watching this.

Pamela E. Williams said...

Stephanie I'm sure there might be some small minded folk who can't adjust to the new you, but don't let that bother you. You are glorious now and will be just as much if not more so then because you will have learned so much more abut yourself.